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How To Use This Book?


Read How To Perform Each Float


Color In & Personalize
Each Float


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Who's This Book For?


As a foundational skill, learning to float is crucial for the learner swimmer. The color in & activity book encourages swimmers to learn a variety of floats.


Families with their kids in learn to swim classes can encourage their little swimmers to learn and practice their floats before attending classes or at home with mum and dad.

Swim Instructors

Swim Schools and teachers will love these books to encourage learning at home or to use as a learning tool for their students during their learn to swim classes.

Why You Should Grab A Copy?

Parents and swim teachers alike know the importance of teaching children how to swim and be safe in the water.
Knowing how to float is an essential component of swimming that is often overlooked.
This is where our color-in & learn to swim activity book comes in handy.
The book contains 16 different ways to float, each with its own illustration and description.BONUS!! We've also included floating sequence challenges to encourage children to practice and master their skills.As a parent or swim teacher, investing in this book means giving your swimmers a strong foundation in swimming that will stay with them for life.
This activity book will help build confidence in the water, as children learn about the different ways to float and how their bodies can move through the water with ease.
With step-by-step instructions and fun illustrations to color in and personalise, children will love learning and practicing their new skills.
So, whether you are a swim teacher looking for a comprehensive teaching tool or a parent wanting to give your child new skills, we know "Learning to Float - color-in & learn to swim" is the perfect purchase for you and your swimmers.

Our color in book is not your ordinary activity book but rather a comprehensive learning tool that teaches children about the different ways of floating and the correct techniques for each one.

Meet Your Instructor

AlyT Swim Instructor

Hey there! I'm Aly T, swim instructor, swim mechanic, Author, Writer and Mother.

I've been swimming for as long as I have been walking, having grown up at my local pool with my mother as my swim teacher and coach.
I've been a qualified swim instructor since 1993 and started writing learn-to-swim books when I started to see and hear kids were missing out on learning to swim because they either weren't interested or their families couldn't afford it.
When Covid forced pools to shut down and swim schools to shut I knew there had to be a way to make quality learn-to-swim affordable & accessible.
So I started my own #SwimmingRevolution by sharing my wealth of swimming expertise and experience through writing books.
Now everyone can learn to swim!!


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